The inaugural FORTUNE Global Sustainability Forum will be held September 4-6, 2019 on the shores of majestic Fuxian Lake in Yunnan, China. Click here to register.


This two-day summit will focus on the convergence of energy, technology, and sustainability, convening senior leaders in business, government, NGOs, and academia from China and around the world. The program will explore key trends in environmental protection, energy innovation, and other subjects, with a special emphasis on China and its interactions with the rest of the world.

We’ll meet in Yuxi City, located a one-hour drive from the Kunming Changshui International Airport; Kunming (the capital city of Yunnan Province) is easily accessible via direct flights from many major cities. The Forum will be headquartered at the 5-star Hilton Yuxi Fuxian Lake, a gem of a resort hotel set on the northeast edge of one of China’s deepest freshwater lakes.

An extraordinary amount of innovation has occurred in China as it has worked to address its environmental and energy challenges. While challenges remain, exciting advances have been made and new opportunities are emerging. This new two-day meeting will bring together smart leaders who are committed to advancing progress. We’ll capture the best thinking in a special report to be published by FORTUNE after the event.

2019 Global Sustainability Forum Co-Chairs
Jeffrey Ball
Stanford University
Clay Chandler
Executive Director and Asia Editor