Program Tracks

LEADERSHIP - Presented by logo-deloitte-sidebar

REDEFINING LEADERSHIP—We'll hear from the smartest leaders of our time—from female Fortune 500 CEOs, U.S. Governors, Washington lawmakers and international political leaders. (Plus Warren Buffett) How do they build teams, make the tough decisions, and how are they working and innovating to achieve growth—in their corporation, state or nation—in these increasingly complex times of worldwide uncertainty and austerity. And what does the current climate mean for business in the coming decade?

GLOBAL BUSINESS - Presented by GapIntl

BUSINESS WITHOUT BORDERS—We all take the globalization of U.S. and European companies for granted, but we've yet to fully realize the impact that emerging-market companies will have on global business. Companies in India and China are no longer just sources of low-cost labor; they're innovators in training, logistics and even management. Singapore is the world's model for education and government. How can we create something big by embracing the best practices of our international counterparts?

INNOVATION AND GROWTH - Presented by GapIntl

TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION AND PERSONAL & BUSINESS REINVENTION-- Technology has changed the way we work, play, communicate and manage our business and personal lives. It's a powerful tool for training and teaching a new generation of students and employees. It also presents challenges and risks. Social media, mobile technology and personalization mean that business doesn't necessarily revolve around institutions anymore. Anyone can create a major new product, service or even a market. If you're small, how do you build your own brand? If you're large, how do you protect your assets? We'll look at how savvy executives and companies are embracing change to grow and thrive. And in the spirit of the Summit theme, The Start of Something Big, we'll talk with masters of reinvention whose career growth and resilience epitomize ingenuity and enduring success.

SOCIAL GOOD - Presented by

EDUCATION, MENTORING, PHILANTHROPY—Building on 2010's theme of Building A Legacy, we'll continue to facilitate action on the social issues that matter most to our attendees, from education to mentoriship to flattening the playing field for women around the world. We'll ask the world's most influential women to share how they use their power to impact the world, wisely, beyond their platforms and their job tenures.