i = information

Meme = a unit of cultural information that is transferable from one mind to another. It is self-propagating as a unit of cultural evolution and diffusion. Often, memes propagate as more or less integrated, cooperative sets or groups, analogous, in many ways, to the behavior of genes. Memes that replicate most effectively spread best.

This summer a select group of leaders and innovators will come together to share the ideas they consider the digital memes driving the future at FORTUNE iMeme: The Thinkers of Tech. This invitation-only event is for business executives who recognize that their company's future depends on understanding the trends at the core of technology. Topics—ranging from the purely technological to the cultural—will include the platforms of the future, the challenges tech and telecom face as the connected world expands, the future of digital media, the Internet's next act, the impact of green technology, how to market to the entire planet, and upcoming digital disruptors. We'll also explore the top-of-mind issues that arise between now and July.

FORTUNE's tech conference is sponsored by the magazine's technology, media, and Internet editorial talent and chaired by technology editor David Kirkpatrick. The conference will offer an in-depth perspective on the current digital landscape, a glimpse into the future, and a vision of how your company can capitalize on technology's transformative effects. iMeme promises an unparalleled combination of energy, imagination, and digital-age combustion.

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