In the wake of the failed Copenhagen climate talks, leaders in c-suites around the world are asking: What will the new rules be? What role will the government play? How can I plan for the future when there's so little clarity? In the meantime, clean technologies ranging from solar to wind to electrified cars are reaching scale, and new environmental issues including greenhouse gas regulations, carbon finance, and sustainability reporting are arising all the time. In this new and rapidly changing arena, every business leader will need to understand how corporations can become more sustainable. Join us to explore our theme: How can business profitably help solve the world's big environmental problems?

Brainstorm: GREEN offers an unparalleled, high-level networking opportunity. The participants are diverse—CEOs and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, government policymakers, leading thinkers, investors, and environmental activists. The program will include one-on-one interviews, debates, informal breakout sessions, and ample time for mingling.


    • Stewart Brand

      Stewart Brand
      President, The Long Now Foundation
      Co-founder, Global Business Network

    • Yvon Chouinard

      Yvon Chouinard
      Patagonia, Inc.

    • Sylvia Earle

      Sylvia Earle
      Explorer in Residence
      National Geographic Society

    • William Ford

      William Ford
      Executive Chairman
      Ford Motor Co.

    • Vinod Khosla

      Vinod Khosla
      Khosla Ventures

    • H. Lee Scott

      H. Lee Scott
      Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
      Walmart Stores, Inc.

    • Bart Alexander

      Bart Alexander
      Global Vice President, Alcohol Policy and Corporate Responsibility
      Molson Coors Brewing Company

    • Kent Anson

      Kent Anson
      Vice President of Global Energy and Environment
      Honeywell Building Solutions

    • Matt Arnold

      Matt Arnold
      U.S. Climate Change Advisory Leader
      PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

    • Joel Babbit

      Joel Babbit
      Co-founder and CEO
      Mother Nature Network (MNN)

    • Roger Ballentine

      Roger Ballentine
      Green Strategies, Inc.

    • Thomas Baloga

      Thomas Baloga
      Vice President of Engineering, U.S.
      BMW of North America

    • Frances Beinecke

      Frances Beinecke
      Natural Resources Defense Council

    • Jit Bhattacharya

      Jit Bhattacharya
      Chief Executive Officer
      Mission Motors Inc

    • Denise Bode

      Denise Bode
      Chief Executive Officer
      American Wind Energy Association

    • Scott C. Bolick

      Scott C. Bolick
      Vice President, Sustainabilty

    • Katherine Brass

      Katherine Brass
      GE Ecomagination Energy Leader
      General Electric Co.

    • Jeff Broin

      Jeff Broin
      President and CEO

    • Michael Brune

      Michael Brune
      Executive Director
      Sierra Club

    • William Bumpers

      William Bumpers
      Partner and Chair, Climate Change Practice
      Baker Botts LLP

    • Cliff Burrows

      Cliff Burrows
      Starbucks Coffee Co.

    • Tim Carey

      Tim Carey
      Director for Sustainability and Technology,
      Americas Beverages

    • Erin Carlson

      Erin Carlson
      Director, Yahoo! for Good
      Yahoo! Inc.

    • Aimée Christensen

      Aimée Christensen
      Chief Executive Officer
      Christensen Global Strategies, LLC

    • Susan M. Cischke

      Susan M. Cischke
      Group Vice President, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering
      Ford Motor Co.

    • Beth Colleton

      Beth Colleton
      Vice President, Green is Universal
      NBC Universal, Inc.

    • James Connaughton

      James Connaughton
      Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Public and Environmental Policy
      Constellation Energy Group, Inc.

    • Aron Cramer

      Aron Cramer
      President and CEO

    • David Crane

      David Crane
      President and CEO
      NRG Energy, Inc.

    • Kevin Czinger

      Kevin Czinger
      President and CEO
      Coda Automotive

    • Thomas Darden

      Thomas Darden
      Chief Executive Officer
      Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC

    • Chris Davis

      Chris Davis
      Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances
      Schneider Electric Inc.

    • John R. Deal

      John R. Deal
      Hyperion Power Generation Inc.

    • Brian Dumaine

      Brian Dumaine
      Senior Editor at Large

    • David Dunning

      David Dunning
      Group President, Power
      Fluor Corporation

    • Nicholas Moore Eisenberger

      Nicholas Moore Eisenberger
      Senior Strategist

    • Scott Elrod

      Scott Elrod
      Vice President, Director of Hardware Systems Laboratory
      Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

    • John E. Fleming

      John E. Fleming
      Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer, Walmart Stores U.S.
      Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

    • Jennifer Fonstad

      Jennifer Fonstad
      Managing Director
      Draper Fisher Jurvetson

    • Holly Fowler

      Holly Fowler
      Senior Director, Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility
      Sodexo, Inc.

    • Curtis R. Frasier

      Curtis R. Frasier
      Executive Vice President, Upstream Americas
      Shell Oil Company

    • Jeff Goodell

      Jeff Goodell
      Author, How to Cool the Planet and Big Coal

    • Hugh Grant

      Hugh Grant
      Chairman, President and CEO
      Monsanto Company

    • Josh Green

      Josh Green
      Chief Executive Officer
      Verdeo Group

    • Scott Griffith

      Scott Griffith
      Chairman and CEO

    • Bill Gross

      Bill Gross
      Founder Idealab and eSolar Inc.

    • Marc Gunther

      Marc Gunther
      Contributing Editor

    • Poppy Harlow

      Poppy Harlow

    • Lewis Hay

      Lewis Hay
      Chairman and CEO
      FPL Group, Inc.

    • Peter Hebert

      Peter Hebert
      Co-founder and Managing Partner
      Lux Capital

    • Jeff Horowitz

      Jeff Horowitz
      Founding Partner
      Avoided Deforestation Partners

    • John W. Huey

      John W. Huey
      Time Inc.

    • Scott Jacobs

      Scott Jacobs
      McKinsey & Co.

    • Wilber James

      Wilber James
      Managing General Partner
      RockPort Capital Partners

    • Sally Jewell

      Sally Jewell
      President and CEO
      Recreational Equipment, Inc.

    • Leisha John

      Leisha John
      Americas Director of Environmental Sustainability
      Ernst & Young

    • Robin Johnson

      Robin Johnson
      Vice President, Dell Services, and Chief Information Officer
      Dell Inc.

    • Mike Kaplan

      Mike Kaplan
      President and CEO
      Aspen Skiing Company

    • David Keith

      David Keith
      Director, ISEEE Energy and Environment Systems Group & Canada Research Chair in Energy and the Environment
      University of Calgary

    • Matt Kistler

      Matt Kistler
      Senior Vice President, Sustainability
      Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

    • Lee Kranefuss

      Lee Kranefuss
      Chairman of the Board, iShares Funds
      BlackRock, Inc.

    • Fred Krupp

      Fred Krupp
      Environmental Defense Fund

    • Katrina Landis

      Katrina Landis
      Chief Executive Officer, Alternative Energy Division
      BP Group

    • Adam Lashinsky

      Adam Lashinsky
      Senior Editor at Large

    • Chuck Leavell

      Chuck Leavell
      Director of Environmental Affairs and Co-founder
      Mother Nature Network (MNN)

    • Rich Lechner

      Rich Lechner
      Vice President, Energy & Environment

    •  Li Lu

      Li Lu
      Founder and General Partner
      LL Investment Partners

    • Kim Lopdrup

      Kim Lopdrup
      Red Lobster
      Senior Vice President
      Darden Restaurants

    • Paul Lorenzini

      Paul Lorenzini
      Chief Executive Officer
      Nuscale Power

    • Adam Lowry

      Adam Lowry
      Co-founder, Chief Greenskeeper
      Method Products, Inc.

    • David Lubowe

      David Lubowe
      Vice President and Partner; Global and Americas Leader for Operations Strategy
      IBM Global Business Services

    • Jessica Lundberg

      Jessica Lundberg
      Chairman and Nursery Manager
      Lundberg Family Farms

    • Joel Makower

      Joel Makower
      Co-founder and Chairman
      Greener World Media, Inc.
      Executive Editor,

    • Charles J. McDermott

      Charles J. McDermott
      General Partner
      RockPort Capital Partners

    • William McDonough

      William McDonough
      Author, Cradle to Cradle
      William McDonough + Partners

    • Kevin McGovern

      Kevin McGovern
      The Water Initiative

    • Tom Miller

      Tom Miller
      Chief Executive Officer
      Blu Skye Sustainability

    • Michael Molnar

      Michael Molnar
      Greentech Capital Advisors

    • David Morgan

      David Morgan
      Syngenta Seeds Inc.

    • Clay G. Nesler

      Clay G. Nesler
      Vice President, Global Energy and Sustainability
      Johnson Controls, Inc.

    • Brian O'Keefe

      Brian O'Keefe
      Assistant Managing Editor

    • Dara O'Rourke

      Dara O'Rourke
      Co-founder and Chairman
      GoodGuide, Inc.

    • Ben Packard

      Ben Packard
      Vice President, Global Responsibility
      Starbucks Coffee Co.

    • Fredrick Palmer

      Fredrick Palmer
      Senior Vice President, Government Relations
      Peabody Energy Corporation

    • Tamin Pechet

      Tamin Pechet
      Chairman and Executive Director
      Imagine H20

    • Warner Philips

      Warner Philips
      Lemnis Lighting

    • Naomi Porat

      Naomi Porat
      Chief Executive Officer
      ZETA Communities

    • Tony Posawatz

      Tony Posawatz
      Vehicle Line Director for Chevy Volt
      General Motors Company

    • Glenn Prickett

      Glenn Prickett
      Chief External Affairs Officer
      The Nature Conservancy

    • William Roe

      William Roe
      President and CEO
      Coskata, Inc.

    • Rick Rommel

      Rick Rommel
      Senior Vice President, Emerging Business
      Best Buy Co., Inc.

    • Gwen Ruta

      Gwen Ruta
      Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
      Environmental Defense Fund

    • Alan Salzman

      Alan Salzman
      Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner
      VantagePoint Venture Partners

    • William Sarni

      William Sarni
      Chief Executive Officer

    • Julie Scardina

      Julie Scardina
      Animal Ambassador, Sea World/Busch Gardens
      Sea World of California

    • Jason Scott

      Jason Scott
      Managing Partner and Co-founder
      EKO Asset Management Partners

    • Andy Serwer

      Andy Serwer
      Managing Editor

    • Andrew Shapiro

      Andrew Shapiro
      Founder and President

    • Iqbal Meer Sharma

      Iqbal Meer Sharma
      Deputy Director-General and CEO
      Trade and Investment South Africa

    • Michael E. Shepherd

      Michael E. Shepherd
      Vice President, Business Development
      The Babcock & Wilcox Company

    • Neil Sims

      Neil Sims
      President and CEO
      Kona Blue Water Farms, Inc.

    • David L. Sokol

      David L. Sokol
      MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company
      Chairman, President and CEO, NetJets Inc.

    • Jerry Steiner

      Jerry Steiner
      Executive Vice President, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs
      Monsanto Company

    • Kevin Surace

      Kevin Surace
      Chief Executive Officer
      Serious Materials

    • Jeff Taft

      Jeff Taft
      Distinguished Engineer and Chief Smart Grid Architect

    • Rebecca Tarbotton

      Rebecca Tarbotton
      Acting Executive Director
      Rainforest Action Network (RAN)

    • Mark Tercek

      Mark Tercek
      President and CEO
      The Nature Conservancy

    • Michael Terrell

      Michael Terrell
      Energy Policy Counsel
      Google, Inc.

    • Beth Trask

      Beth Trask
      Deputy Director, Innovation Exchange
      Environmental Defense Fund

    • Timothy L. Vaill

      Timothy L. Vaill
      President and CEO

    • William Valentine

      William Valentine
      Chairman and Design Principal

    • David G. Victor

      David G. Victor
      Professor; Director, Laboratory on International Law and Regulation
      University of California - San Diego

    • David Walker

      David Walker
      Director Environmental Sustainability
      PepsiCo Inc.

    • Bill Weihl

      Bill Weihl
      Green Energy Czar
      Google, Inc.

    • Adam Werbach

      Adam Werbach
      Global CEO
      Saatchi & Saatchi S

    • David Whitford

      David Whitford
      Editor at Large

    • Brigitta Witt

      Brigitta Witt
      Vice President, Environmental Affairs
      Global Hyatt Corporation

    • Jason Wolf

      Jason Wolf
      Vice President
      Better Place

    • Jonathan Wolfson

      Jonathan Wolfson
      Chief Executive Officer
      Solazyme, Inc

    • Tracy Wolstencroft

      Tracy Wolstencroft
      Global Head, Center for Environmental Markets and the Environmental Markets Group
      Goldman, Sachs and Co.

    • Martha B. Wyrsch

      Martha B. Wyrsch
      President, Vestas Americas
      Vestas Wind Systems

    • Justin Yuen

      Justin Yuen
      FMYI, Inc.

    Additional Speakers

    • Stuart Rudick
      Founding and Managing Partner
      Mindful Investors

    • Keshav Sondhi
      Chief Engineer
      FedEx Corp.